NAP Building Systems

Our products decorate the facade with precision och accuracy
We develop, sell and stock our own aluminum handrail system, meeting high requirements in terms of quality, safety and design. Manufacturing takes place in our top modern factory in Markaryd. One of our strengths is a a very flexible customer order-oriented production, with the ability to quickly switch from small to large series. We have a complete product range and can handle any customized solutions. We also have glazing and mounting.
We control the entire chain from the aluminum smelter, extrusion of the profiles and surface treatment to machining of the profiles that are included in our building system.

We have our own testing facility, which allows us to ensure that we meet all safety and strength requirements.

NAP Building Systems is certified according to ISO 9001 and SS EN 1090 and all our products are CE marked.

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In addition, we sell unique facade cladding system NAPSU design. This system is popular with architects because of its unparalleled freedom and unique design.


Nordisk Alu Profil AB
Kristinebergsvägen 13
SE-302 41 Halmstad

+46 35 22 75 30